Who can ride?

SWITA is a public service that’s here for you, whether you’re just riding once or need to make regular trips. 

  • Everyone is able to ride SWITA!
  • All rides are open to the public.
  • All rides are subject to vehicle and driver availability.

What hours does SWITA run?

Monday-Friday office hours are 6am-5pm.  Routes 24/7 and are always subject to change or due to driver availability. Leave us a message after business hours and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

  • Routes offered 24/7
  • Office hours open weekdays 6am – 5 pm
  • Answering services available 24/7

How much does it cost to ride SWITA?

Rider pays both ways, even on a one way trip. Time starts when the driver gets in the bus until they park back home again.

  • Taxi $2.50 1 way
  • Medical $30 hour
  • Non Medical $40 hour

Where is my ride?

Please be sure to communicate with us if you’re concerned about a ride.

  • There is a 15-minute arrival window before and after a schedule pickup time.
  • We track all vehicle using software, so our dispatchers can help locate your ride.
  • Please call 1.800.842.8065 if you have questions regarding a scheduled ride.

Can you bill my insurance?

While SWITA does not bill insurance, we do accept rides provided through Medicaid/Title 19 booked through the provider.

  • SWITA does not bill private insurance.
  • Medical trips available at $30/hour
  • If Medicaid/Title 19 are paying for your trip, please book through your provider.

Can SWITA provide transportation for my Special Event?

We are happy to collaborate wherever possible, within the constraints of federal charter rules. No eating or drinking is allowed on our vehicles, especially alcohol. Starting rate is $55/hour for approved charters.

  • Special events start at $55/hour for approved charters.
  • Special events are subject to driver and vehicle availability.
  • Please call 1.800.842.8065 with questions.

Does SWITA transport wheelchairs? Does it cost more?

SWITA is for everyone! That includes passenger with disabilities. In order to ensure appropriate accommodation is made, please let your dispatcher know when scheduling your ride.

  • Our vehicles are equipped with wheelchair accessibility.
  • There is no additional cost for wheelchair transportation.
  • One personal care attendant rides free.

How can I register my child to ride SWITA?

SWITA offers several options for families with children who need transportation. We offer options for student transportation in Atlantic, Glenwood, Harlan, Missouri Valley, Red Oak, and Shenandoah.

  • New riders can complete registration online or by calling 1.800.842.8065
  • Registration for new riders should be completed two weeks in advance when possible.
  • Pre-payment must be made online or to the SWITA office in Atlantic.

How can I change my reservation?

We are flexible to changes in pickup or drop off location within the city limits where your ride is scheduled.

  • Please contact SWITA as early as possible before your trip.
  • Dispatch will alert drivers of changes
  • Only a listed parent or guardian can make changes for riders under 18.

Does SWITA run every day?

We have many services that run 7 days a week, but in order for our drivers to have time with their families we are closed selected holidays.

  • Closed New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Friday after Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day
  • Please schedule rides 24 business hours in advance, excluding weekends, whenever possible.
  • Please call 1.800.842.8065 during regular business hours with questions about ride availability.

Additional FAQs

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All trips are subject to driver availability.

Yes, just contact SWITA before your trip so dispatch can alert the driver of the changes.

Events, rides, and routes are all subject to driver availability.  Please contact the office by calling 800-842-8065.

SWITA does not bill insurance. All Medicaid/T-19 trips are set up through your provider and scheduled with them as well. Medical/Non Medical transportation is available on an hourly basis.

Yes, our vehicles and drivers can accommodate wheelchair passengers.  No, there is no additional cost for wheelchair transportation.

Complete the registration by calling our office or filling out the online form and make payment.

New riders on school routes must start on Mondays.  Submit your registration and payment before noon on the Friday before you would like to start.

 Contact dispatch.  Rides are open to the public and are on a first come first serve basis.