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Student Transportation in SW Iowa

SWITA Student Transportation

Student Transportation
Does Your Child Need a Ride to and from School?

SWITA has student transportation near you.

There are big gaps in school bus service in Southwest Iowa. That makes it hard for many families to get their kids to school. SWITA provides alternatives to traditional school bus routes near you. Here’s a list of schools/communities served:

  • Atlantic K-12
  • Atlantic Pre-Schools
  • Glenwood K-12
  • Glenwood Pre-Schools
  • Harlan K-12
  • Harlan Little Cyclones Pre-School
  • Shelby County Catholic School
  • Red Oak K-12
  • Red Oak Pre-School

Easy and Convenient Student Transportation

Your child can get safe, reliable and affordable transportation to and from preschool or school. This service is available to students who live in town and are not served by their school bus system. This service is flexible and includes scheduled early dismissal days and weather-related schedule changes. Get your child registered for a student transportation near you. You can also pay your bill online. Don’t see your child’s school on the list, or have other questions? Email us at or call 1-800-842-8065.

Student Transportation - SWITA

Why SWITA Student Transportation?


It’s easy to schedule pick-up and drop-off locations and times.


The basic fee for this service is just $1.50 per ride per child.


Use it every day or every so often. Schedules adjust for early release and other changes.


Seat belts are provided and their usage by students is required.  Booster seats are available for children small enough to require them.  All drivers undergo extensive training, pass background checks, and are monitored frequently.